Classic Autos

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  • MULTI-SURFACE USE – Since this product effectively cleans and protects rubber, vinyl, leather, and plastic, you no longer need to switch between cleaners or solutions. This protectant also has a pleasant scent to keep your car smelling great. Beautify your car and preserve its great look!
  • LUSTROUS SHINE – Applying the Formula 1 Protectant on the interior and exterior of your car leaves behind a beautiful shine that lasts for more than two times longer than other brands. This acts as a protective layer against dirt and dust.
  • VERSATILE – This product can be used to clean different kinds of surfaces both inside and outside of your car. This includes the plastic dashboard, leather upholstery, vinyl covers, and even rubber tires. Also, this protectant prevents dust from settling and doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.
  • SAFE FORMULA – The formula of this protectant features advanced silicone technology that is highly effective while being totally solvent-free. It doesn’t cause any damage to interior surfaces, and it isn’t harsh on the senses.
  • EASY TO USE – The spray bottle allows you to apply this cleaning solution to your chosen automotive surface easily. Control the amount you want and let it seep into the surface for cleaning and protection. Wipe it off for a lustrous, long-lasting shine.

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