3M TIRE DRESSING - Classic Autos



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Brand: 3M

Weight: 400 ML


  • Car coating varnish, long lasting, keep the rubber shiny, not dry frame.
  • Extend the service life.
  • Shine and cure fluid, not sticky, resulting in less adhesion of dust.
  • Gives the color shine like new tires.
  • Just spray on the rubber material and leave to dry. Without having to wipe it off or injected onto fabric and rubbed onto the rubber material.
  • Easy-to-use formula restores deep black color and natural shine to tires.
  • Dual purpose product also refreshes look of faded exterior rubber trim and moldings.
  • Non-sling formula will not blemish automotive paint jobs.
  • Special formula restores like-new appearance to tires, trim, and molding.
  • Fine-mist sprayer and even spray pattern makes application of tire restorer easy.

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